Forum Capital Partners | Team
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Paul Fornaby


Paul is the founder and managing member of FCP, which he founded in 2006. Since 1988 Paul has been involved with in excess of $5 billion of real estate transactions of virtually every type.

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Jack Barry

Asset Management

Jack joined FCP in 2016 and is responsible for asset management, property management, due diligence and deal sourcing. Prior to joining FCP, Jack was a practicing commercial real estate attorney.

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Michael Malecz

Investment Management

Michael joined FCP in 2015 and is responsible for acquisition due diligence, transaction execution and asset management. Prior to joining FCP, Michael was a practicing real estate attorney.

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Kimberly Frano


Kim joined FCP in 2010 and is responsible for accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting for a 40 property portfolio located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.

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